Brett Fries, MSed, LIMHP, LMHP

Brett is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner here in the State of Nebraska. Brett has worked in different treatment settings as a therapist and prior as well. Brett has worked in the Child Welfare field, different adolescent treatment facilities and treatment group homes. Brett started his therapy career as a therapist at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearny in 2013. From there he also got into doing some part-time private practice. Brett then made a change and worked as a therapist for the University of Nebraska Kearney at the Counseling Care Center. Brett then took a leap into the inpatient treatment area and worked for Richard Young Hospital on the inpatient unit. Brett has taken different opportunities to get familiarized with all aspects in the therapy world. Brett enjoys working with adolescent to young adult clientele. Brett has worked with ages 5 on up to about 75 years old clients. Brett likes to help provide support and help navigate the different life struggles that come with mental health concerns, and he hopes to continue to find the best way to help his clients to be safe and functional human beings so they can live the best life possible. Healthy mind, body and spirit is what Brett believes makes people function best, so being able to nourish all three is important. Brett is willing to work with individuals that need the support so they can live a meaningful, safe and fulfilling life.